The Arrival Guide is a transformative strategy to spend your advertising dollars and reach your most important Villages® customer—arriving Villagers. New homeowners arriving in The Villages® need indoor furniture, outdoor furniture, landscaping, driveway painting, a new dog groomer, a new dentist, a new hair stylist, a new favorite restaurant, etc.

Think of each new village as a fully stocked fishing hole. If you’re first to the fully stocked fishing hole, expect your record catch of sales and relationships with the arriving homeowners. If you didn’t catch the number of sales and relationships you were hoping for, your competition did. They beat you to the hole. Now that hole is fished-out. Are you going to continue a hopeful approach to sales and long- term relationships by spending your advertising dollars with neutral-messaging newspapers and magazines taking you to the fished-out holes?

The Arrival Guide highlights reputable businesses that have been fueling The Villages® for years. To the arriving Villager, the Arrival Guide is presented as the #1 professional purchasing resource. Its slogan is, “Keep it. You’ll need it.” The guide reaches arriving homeowners in two ways. First, it is mailed quarterly to new homeowners for two years. Second, a digital copy is emailed each month, indefinitely.

Your advertising dollars, message, and phone number must reach the arriving Villagers before your competition does. Arriving Villagers have an immediate need for just about everything. Most likely they’ll go with the first reputable company for whom they have a phone number. Heavily targeting arriving Villagers will create transformative business results.

Also, the Arrival Guide will save you money by not wasting advertising dollars on Villagers who have already settled in, made
their initial purchases, and established relationships with other companies.

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